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My Past, Present & Future of Food

fruit basket

Most mornings in the past, I was fighting off cravings of bagels loaded with cream cheese, and visions of creamy specialized coffees dancing in my head!  The closest I was coming to fresh produce was passing the yogurt fruit parfaits while waiting in line to pay for my blood sugar spike via carbs & sugar.  After having been on a 30-day whole-foods-only detoxifying cleanse (TheWhole30.com) twice in the last 6 months, today I received proof that I am finally making new choices by habit…and  therefore my partnership with food is confirmed as changed.

My present choices are not without challenge, however!   Being a full-time employee and commuter, if I don’t get on the road 5 days a week prepared with a well-thought-out breakfast and lunch planned & packed ahead of time, I put myself at risk of having to make decisions on the fly.  This is all well and good if I have been getting 8-hours of sleep, eating healthy, cooking at home, preparing meals, etc. , because my conscious mind and deep intentions will drive me to the grocery store to buy a ripe mango rather than a ham & cheese croissant at the cute little corner cafe.   But God forbid I don’t get enough sleep, I’m irritable, late for work… and hungry all at the same time ~ I’ve hit a moment of weakness ~  those fresh plums and good intentions turn to sugar-laced-lattes and doughnut holes!   Even when my super-willpower is alive & well, and I walk into a convenient store with my chest puffed out on a mission for an Orange, I still must conquer a challenging quest whose journey weaves through multiple rows of chips, candy & cookies looking for the possibility of a fresh fruit basket at the end of any given isle.

Nonetheless, this morning I walked the mile fearlessly; made 3 go-rounds with defeat welling up inside me before I spied out of the corner of my eye a small bowl at the counter which was filled with yellow bananas and red apples, .89 cents each.  The ‘ahh-haa’ moment of relief kicks in and I know I’ve been saved ~ I’ll pay whatever the price!

The conversation with the store manager is  also a significant priceless moment.  Because of my  hunt for fresh choices, he’s prompted me to share my opinion on how it takes changing a life-long habit to make new choices, and that if you do it long enough those are the things you begin to crave.  I’m hoping from his perspective, he’s received a message too ~ ‘people DO chose fresh whole foods rather than just snack bags of crunchy carbs!’   I’m secretly hoping that I walk away and the Universe offers him a bigger basket to hold an additional selection or two…for people just like us.   Afterall, “the Universe is a funny mo-fo” and honestly it could happen!

In my future I see total success of converting my cravings from unhealthy to healthy, especially with the help of the Garden Angels Produce Cooperative monthly exchange!

Everything in life starts with consumption.  If we’re eating fresh, whole & organic, so too will be our minds and bodies ~ supporting our performance with balanced emotions, clarity and overall wellness.  If the food we survive on is fast, preserved and processed, we no longer need to wonder why we feel anxiety, muffled thoughts, bad memory, are tackled by illnesses, and feeling no energy to get through another day in our own perspective of abuse.

It actually does start with food, friends; and the Garden Angels were born to promote sustainable food efforts on our level of group and community interaction.   If you’d like to jump-start your New Year resolutions, consider joining Garden Angels for a year of “Grow & Exchange” because it honestly does create a healthy change in many aspects of life.

In 2015 I aspire to grow, exchange and eat whole healthy food!

I wish you all Peace & Love,