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Eat the Rainbow - Whole Living Seasonal Foods

Everything you get in life starts with consumption; it starts with the food we eat.

When we eat foods like carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, onions, garlic, beets, rutabaga ~ anything that ROOTS itself, can have a positive grounding effect for our root chakra.  I love that these vegetables grow within the deep, dark, quiet ground.  To me, they are soul foods, the essential embodiment of their earthy energy.   Like the root vegetables themselves, we can find comfort nestling into our own internal root core and help us to be comfortable in our individual aspects of darkness.

A healthy ROOT CHAKRA vibrates at the color RED, so red foods have the same type of connection and grounding effects for us as well.  They are supportive of our wellness and provide the vibration needed to help balance the first chakra, which in turn sets a positive foundation for the six that follow it ~ Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd-Eye & finally the Crown.  Nutritionally, these root chakra supporting foods usually have high levels of Vitamin C, a nutrient utilized by several body parts the root chakra watches over ~ like bones, teeth, skin and adrenals. Some red foods you could try are tomatoes, strawberries, apples, cranberries, raspberries, red pepper, pomegranates and cherries ~ yuuuuum, cherries!  Try freezing seedless cherries for an absolutely amazing healthy summer treat.

Are you feeling out of touch with your body?   Try getting back in touch with this old friend of yours by listening to its secrets, and observing its natural rhythm rather than forcing an imposed rhythm of your own.  Determine if there are certain foods that your body instinctually needs by simply asking your Self what it needs.   You may only hear whispers at first, but practice trusting the response you’re given.  Make notes about whether some foods make you feel “grounded” or “ungrounded,” good or bad, light or heavy, etc.

If we, perhaps unintentionally, tap into our inner-child or adult- wounding with the unsolicited help of our red & rooted relatives, we may unearth some causes of eating disorders.  Don’t panic.  It is simply a discovery that our eating choices may be connected to some of our buried feelings.  Instead of running backwards and hiding ourselves in the shadow of unhealthy food choices again, we can choose self-induced healing by standing our ground, facing the revelation head-on, and developing a plan to excavate the pain.  This is what I call “Reveal & Heal.”   If you decide to give it light, love, and set an intention to heal it, you will be gifted with a new perspective and will no longer feel the need to stuff yourself or your feelings.  It’s one or the other ~ right? ~ us or them.

It boils down to a choice of consuming according to our bodies’ needs not wants.  And if we’re taking this question into consideration before we chow down, we’ve already won half the battle!  We would be intentionally supporting the idea of life versus unintentionally supporting death.   This is a discussion I had recently with my husband Mark that just really stopped me in my tracks.   What has been your choice of foods and style of living? Alive or Dead?   Wow, huh?  This question really hit into the center of me.

Let me lighten the mood now that I’ve dropped the “D Bomb.”  Bottom line is that it’s important to practice checking in with our personal trilogy ~ mind, body, soul ~ on our food choices and reasons for those choices.   What are you fulfilling with each choice?  What language does your body use to tell you what to eat and when?  Do you hear what it’s saying?   Are you even listening or do you turn the other cheek because you don’t want to feel the feelings & emotions associated with the thoughts & memories that are coming up?

It is not easy to choose healing, however, simply starting with healthier foods will ignite clarity, engage common-sense-thinking and provide a stability to support you on your journey to natural whole wellness.