♥ If you have an over-abundance of fruits, vegetables, herbs or seeds, and are unable to harvest those trees, bushes or gardens – We can help you!  We can assist you with the harvesting or even do it for you!

We can help people with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that they cannot or will not harvest it themselves.   With our volunteer pickers, we’ll bring our tools and ladders to pick and harvest your donation.  We’ll pack the produce and transport it to our exchange facility to use what we can, and then we’ll deliver the rest to organizations feeding the hungry.   If you’d like to be a member/participant in the Garden Angels group, we’ll even deliver a big beautiful bag of Garden Goodies from the Garden Angels Produce Co-op on our exchange day!                         

Your garden goodies are a valuable resource, you can  utilize our help to participate in an positive energetic exchange of neighborhood garden treasures and do good in the world!  This is definitely a win win!                      

Contact GardenAngelsCooperative@yahoo.com to tell us about your needs and let’s schedule a picking day! 


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