Garden Angels Do it Again…and Again…and Again!


Yep, you read it correctly; in fact, we do it every month!  And in fact you can join us for next month if you enjoy contributing and receiving the fruits (and veggies) of hard labor and dirty hands.

Last Saturday our Garden Angels Exchange brought us amazingly good (and FREE) healthy food!  Check this out:  We had an over-abundance of onions, swiss chard, kale, grapefruit, lemons, oranges (2 varieties), sorrel, rosemary, lavender, orange mint, cilantro, oregano along with home-made items like orange and cherry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and mini-loafs, delicious granola with a coupon for a free cup of coffee from Starbucks!  And to top it all off, one of our angels bottled up WORM TEA for each of the participants.  Our cultivators are strong and healthy ~ I absolutely love this group!!

To join us on our next Exchange date of May 11th, just send me an email saying you’d like to become a member and join in the fun!  It’s FREE; It’s HEALTHY; It’s good for the SOUL.


Garden Angels Celebrate their 2nd Year!

GA photo

I find it AMAZING that it was only two years ago this magical month of March that I received the idea of organizing and hosting the Garden Angels Exchanges! 

It all started with one Facebook post asking if friends if they would like to join me in exchanging what I had a lot of (avocados) for what they had a lot of.  Six people responded and that’s when the member list was born!  They each told a couple of friends, and now to this day I continue to receive member requests to the tune of about 2 per month, and we now have 90 members and an average of about 20-15 actual participants per month! Wow, huh?! I’ve been blown away by the support and good energy that has surrounded this group and its’ kind-hearted exchanges of bountiful treasures produced by hard work, gentle care and love of community and the all the spirits behind it.

We had a wonderful celebration this month with the volunteers pictured here.  We’ve perfected the bagging process and named that tune in 30 minutes!  That was a record!  We bagged Pummelo and regular Grapefruits, Kumquats, Lemons, Avocados, Oranges, Arugula, Ohitashi, Basil, Parsley, Swiss Chard, Sage, Cilantro, Rosemary, Dried Strawberries, Romaine Lettuce, Home-baked Chocolate Spinach Muffins and Energy Oat Balls!   It was a FANTASTIC selection wrapped up in a beautiful fresh Farmers Market style bag of home-grown and -baked gifts!!

So here we are… still sooo grateful 2 years later! A feeling of anticipation, joy and excitement still dance inside of me each time I prepare and facilitate these monthly fun-filled, healthy-minded community contribution exchanges ~ not only of trade, but positive energy , networking and support for other worthy causes… which, my friends, is the point of it all. 

If you’d like to join us, send me an email: and I’d be thrilled to add you to our growing member list.  You can participate as much or as little as your time, energy and/or garden will allow 🙂

Peace & Love, Shannon

Ohitashi! Japanese Spinach~yum!


Back in December we basked in the glory of a huge seedlings donation from our Garden Angel s member, Bob and friend of the VA Gardens.  He dropped off a van-load of various flats containing plants ready to go into the soil.  Our participants for that month were able to take entire flats of produce for planting – it was an experience of abundance that was a gift in itself within the season.

One of the beautiful greens was the one that remained anonymous until just recently.  Since the flats arrived with only one tag/stick per flat and this particular one was very difficult to read in the unique gardener’s handwriting!  The members would ask, “What is this called again?”  And I would answer, “All I know is it’s a Japanese spinach-like leafy green that starts with an “O”.   It became quickly apparent this particular gem was unidentifiable without great research.  However, thanks to my friend Peggy Morgan and her determination to find its rightful owner, we can now put a name to the face of the veggie and take off the ‘Jane Doe’ label ~ it’s a Japanese Spinach called Ohitashi!  May not be easy to pronounce, but Peggy shares that it’s very simple to cook!  “This Japanese spinach doesn’t need anything except a little salt. Deeeelicious!  Smooth and buttery with a nutty flavor ~ it kicks spinach’s butt!”

So if you were one of the handful of Angels that received this wonderful gift from the Universe through the Garden Angels Free Produce Exchange during the month of December, you may be preparing to enjoy the fruits of your contribution now since this is growing vivaciously in personal and community gardens throughout Long Beach and surrounding areas.  Enjoy – and feel free to share your recipes! 

If you would like to be join the Garden Angels Produce Cooperative, we’re having our next exchange on Saturday, March 2nd; you’re welcome to send me an email ( saying you’d like to become a member and receive an invitation for the March Exchange.  If you’d like, let me know what you grow too!

Hope to hear from you!



Yup, It was AWESOME…again!

Hello Angels!
This past Saturday’s exchange was a great success!! We had 16 people participate which resulted in a whole heckuvalotta wonderful fruits, veggies and baked goodies to discover in each individual treasure-trove bag.
What an incredible experience it is bagging as well! We had new members join us this month and we put them to work right away building beautiful green bouquets of bok choi, two varieties of kale, fresh sprigs of bay leaf with grown-up and baby arugula ~ really just an enchanting combination of healthy garden-goodness. And on the veggie isle we bagged portions of purple cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, very special cremini mushrooms, and snow peas to distribute into the participants’ bags.
We also had some long-time members help out with the vast amounts of citrus including two DELICIOUS varieties of grapefruit, lemons, tangerines and avocados.
For dessert, we served up sweetly wrapped lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and banana muffins.
It’s always a good day when we exchange the fruits of our labor harvesting gifts from our gardens and the earth! Considering joining us next time? We’ll be doing it again on the first Saturday in March.
Send an email to Shannon at ~ I’ll add you as a member and put you on the invitation list so you can RSVP beforehand with your contribution and/or volunteer your time.
Until then, get your hands dirty and plant something!
Garden Angels Produce Cooperative
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Calling All Garden Angels!

Calling all Garden Angels Co-op Members – or those who would like to become members!

Thank you each of you who participated in the 2012 Exchanges! Those who did know it’s well worth it receiving that giant bag of delicious fresh FREE food!!  If you haven’t joined in yet the opportunity is once again at hand! The February exchange is taking place THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND and you are invited to participate in the exchanging of local, home-grown, home-made food!

If you would like to participate in SATURDAY’S exchange, please send me an email to: and tell me what you can contribute.  I will add you to the member list, explain how the exchange works and give you the details about Saturday’s events.

Soooo, anybody in?!

Garden Angels, Exchanging Fresh-From-The-Ground Goodness on a Monthly Basis!


I’m so proud to say that our first 2013 New Year Exchange was a GREAT SUCCESS!

On the 5th, we exchanged delicious varieties of Grapefruits, Oranges,  Lemons, Avocados, many assorted greens, Parsley, Oregano, Peppers and home-made bread!

Even better than the success of exchanging, however, is the wonderful feeling of a small community combining their efforts for the greater good of sustainability.  “They’re a blessing, The Garden Angels are!  Free food supports a great feeling of abundance!”

The Garden Angels are good for the heart and soil!  We’re networking with other groups of all kinds, creating bonds and circles of people who are contributing to the good health of our Earth.  We’re helping one another in our quests to simplify lives by getting back to the basics…recreating “the good life!”  Eating healthy, homegrown foods is good for our families, our friends, communities and the fact that it’s FREE only makes it that much better!

Whether you have a garden, a fruit tree, a veggie patch ~ no matter how big or small ~ you are invited to join our group and participate in our monthly exchanges.  Even if you’re not a grower, you can join us by donating your time in helping to sort, count and bag the contributions we get on exchange days.  It’s a win/win situation, anyone and everyone can participate and receive a beautiful bag of farmer’s market style fresh-from-the-ground goodness!

For more information email Shannon at:

Hope to hear from you!

Christmas Angels Aren’t the Only Gig in Town!


Tis the season of Angels, they touch our hearts with beautiful dreams.  They remind us to reach high into the stars and hold on with faith…they tell us to believe.

The Garden Angels of Long Beach and surrounding cities do the same!  We share peace, good will, and good health; from deep within our soils, we extract treasures of the earth and exchange from hand to hand and home to home.

Last weekend we exchanged an abundance of fresh goodness:  Two delicious varieties of Grapefruits, Tangerines, two types of Limes, Avocados, White Guava, Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Green Onions, Cabbage and Peppers!  And of course it wouldn’t be a holiday season Exchange without a Santa gifting us with several flats and varieties of produce seedlings ready for this seasons’ planting!

There’s beauty and magic in the sweet waves of angel wings that fly by and greet us each and every day without us even knowing or acknowledging them.  They do it out of pure joy and love; they bring messages through the music we hear and the treasures we hold dear.   But when you see a fruit-bearing tree reaching tall into the ever-expanding sky, or enjoy a fresh leaf from an herb bush; a root veggie pulled out from the depth of the ground, think of the Garden Angels!  Our wings may carry a little dirt upon them, and our frequencies would be felt from the bottom up and upside down;  our love is felt and heard through the land, and therefore throughout the Earth itself.  We send the loving vibrations of our hearts through our fingertips and into the mouths of others.

There are many more varieties of angels in this world, too many to count I’m sure of it!  So whatever kind of angel YOU are, just remember tis the season of Angels ~ be 100% of your truthful, loving, authentic, divine self…it will be a gift of the present this Xmas!

If you’d like to join the Garden Angels Produce Cooperative Exchange which takes place monthly, just send me an email to !

Until then, on the wings and waves of the Universe, I wish each and every one of you a very Happy Holiday!