Garden Angels Celebrate their 100th!

 Green Apple on a Tree Branch Cover For The iPad Mini

Congratulations to the Garden Angels of Long Beach in reaching over 100 members who exchange the fruits and veggies of their labor with other members  consisting of friends, family, and community neighbors.

The “Angels” have been a real Godsend for beginners and experts alike, their networking has been absolutely positive!  It is wonderful making connections, sharing information, and trading recipes along with tips and tricks of gardening, cooking and more!  Learning about and supporting ideas in sustainability is a golden ticket to more and more people who are opening their minds to this awesome, healthy way of living.

Last Saturday we had a small group exchange some bountiful backyard harvesting and home-made goodies.  Eight people received Green Apples, Sweet Basil, Lavender, Big Jim Peppers, Spearmint, home-made Relish, Pickle Chips and Tsukemono (Japanese cucumber pickles); along with home-pressed fruit leather and some very delicious baked cookies!

I’m very excited to have reached our 100th membership this week!  The exchanges are an event which usually takes place on the 1st or 2nd Saturday of each month.  Rain or Shine, 8 people or 80; we sort, count and evenly distribute contributions into the reusable bags of each participant, resulting in a big beautiful Farmer’s Market style bag of produce and home-made goodies for each participating member  ~ all for FREE?  Yes, FREE! 

If you’d like to join The Garden Angels Produce Cooperative Exchange, just send me an email and I’d be happy to add you to the membership list so you can receive the monthly invitation.  You can participate as little or often as you’d like or your garden will allow.

Write me an email saying, “Shannon, I’d like to join you!” 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Next milestone, 200 members….and we’re off and counting!


2 responses to “Garden Angels Celebrate their 100th!

  1. Hello Shannon,

    I was thrilled to attend this last meet-up and am gearing up on the second one. Can’t wait!

    I haven’t heard anything yet, does this mean it’ll likely be on the 2nd weekend this month?

    Thank you,


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