Growing Garden Angels Style!


Growing your own food is a very fulfilling experience! Just a basil or tomato plant in a pot can enhance a connection with the earth and the sustainable side of life. Gardening calls you to the outdoors.

When I heard the call over 2 years ago, I dug up my yard to design and plant a huge 10-bed garden plot filled with a large variety of veggies; I planted 4 fruit trees to reside in the same atmosphere as my huge grandfather avocado tree; and then I started a free small community produce exchange.  Monthly, I invited friends and neighbors to exchange the over-abundance of my garden with the over-abundance of theirs.  Ninety-eight members later, we’re still growing strong!

Today I have a smaller manageable five-bed, above-ground, pallet-style garden; a small “orchard” consisting of a total of nine fruit trees now, an “herb island which I adore;” and multiple edible potted treats to pick.   

When the Garden Angels got together last Saturday we exchanged:  zucchini, romaine lettuce, elite lettuce, yellow beans, green beans, thyme, onions, kale, loquats, artichoke, rosemary, swiss chard, and mealworm poop! (fertilizer)

You can begin growing by taking action in baby steps. There are many experienced gardeners out there to assist as you choose seeds or small plants to start your food garden. As you learn you become more than a just a spectator, you become an intentional participant of the seasons and cycles of our earth and its bigger purpose.

No matter how large or small the size of a garden, you can benefit from growing your own food.  Doing so creates a sense of freedom.  We harvest much more than just the food, we also get a nice sweet taste of the good life.


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