Garden Angels Celebrate their 2nd Year!

GA photo

I find it AMAZING that it was only two years ago this magical month of March that I received the idea of organizing and hosting the Garden Angels Exchanges! 

It all started with one Facebook post asking if friends if they would like to join me in exchanging what I had a lot of (avocados) for what they had a lot of.  Six people responded and that’s when the member list was born!  They each told a couple of friends, and now to this day I continue to receive member requests to the tune of about 2 per month, and we now have 90 members and an average of about 20-15 actual participants per month! Wow, huh?! I’ve been blown away by the support and good energy that has surrounded this group and its’ kind-hearted exchanges of bountiful treasures produced by hard work, gentle care and love of community and the all the spirits behind it.

We had a wonderful celebration this month with the volunteers pictured here.  We’ve perfected the bagging process and named that tune in 30 minutes!  That was a record!  We bagged Pummelo and regular Grapefruits, Kumquats, Lemons, Avocados, Oranges, Arugula, Ohitashi, Basil, Parsley, Swiss Chard, Sage, Cilantro, Rosemary, Dried Strawberries, Romaine Lettuce, Home-baked Chocolate Spinach Muffins and Energy Oat Balls!   It was a FANTASTIC selection wrapped up in a beautiful fresh Farmers Market style bag of home-grown and -baked gifts!!

So here we are… still sooo grateful 2 years later! A feeling of anticipation, joy and excitement still dance inside of me each time I prepare and facilitate these monthly fun-filled, healthy-minded community contribution exchanges ~ not only of trade, but positive energy , networking and support for other worthy causes… which, my friends, is the point of it all. 

If you’d like to join us, send me an email: and I’d be thrilled to add you to our growing member list.  You can participate as much or as little as your time, energy and/or garden will allow 🙂

Peace & Love, Shannon


2 responses to “Garden Angels Celebrate their 2nd Year!

  1. So excited to have discovered you and this wonderful idea of community!!

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