Garden Angels, Exchanging Fresh-From-The-Ground Goodness on a Monthly Basis!


I’m so proud to say that our first 2013 New Year Exchange was a GREAT SUCCESS!

On the 5th, we exchanged delicious varieties of Grapefruits, Oranges,  Lemons, Avocados, many assorted greens, Parsley, Oregano, Peppers and home-made bread!

Even better than the success of exchanging, however, is the wonderful feeling of a small community combining their efforts for the greater good of sustainability.  “They’re a blessing, The Garden Angels are!  Free food supports a great feeling of abundance!”

The Garden Angels are good for the heart and soil!  We’re networking with other groups of all kinds, creating bonds and circles of people who are contributing to the good health of our Earth.  We’re helping one another in our quests to simplify lives by getting back to the basics…recreating “the good life!”  Eating healthy, homegrown foods is good for our families, our friends, communities and the fact that it’s FREE only makes it that much better!

Whether you have a garden, a fruit tree, a veggie patch ~ no matter how big or small ~ you are invited to join our group and participate in our monthly exchanges.  Even if you’re not a grower, you can join us by donating your time in helping to sort, count and bag the contributions we get on exchange days.  It’s a win/win situation, anyone and everyone can participate and receive a beautiful bag of farmer’s market style fresh-from-the-ground goodness!

For more information email Shannon at:

Hope to hear from you!


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