Christmas Angels Aren’t the Only Gig in Town!


Tis the season of Angels, they touch our hearts with beautiful dreams.  They remind us to reach high into the stars and hold on with faith…they tell us to believe.

The Garden Angels of Long Beach and surrounding cities do the same!  We share peace, good will, and good health; from deep within our soils, we extract treasures of the earth and exchange from hand to hand and home to home.

Last weekend we exchanged an abundance of fresh goodness:  Two delicious varieties of Grapefruits, Tangerines, two types of Limes, Avocados, White Guava, Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Green Onions, Cabbage and Peppers!  And of course it wouldn’t be a holiday season Exchange without a Santa gifting us with several flats and varieties of produce seedlings ready for this seasons’ planting!

There’s beauty and magic in the sweet waves of angel wings that fly by and greet us each and every day without us even knowing or acknowledging them.  They do it out of pure joy and love; they bring messages through the music we hear and the treasures we hold dear.   But when you see a fruit-bearing tree reaching tall into the ever-expanding sky, or enjoy a fresh leaf from an herb bush; a root veggie pulled out from the depth of the ground, think of the Garden Angels!  Our wings may carry a little dirt upon them, and our frequencies would be felt from the bottom up and upside down;  our love is felt and heard through the land, and therefore throughout the Earth itself.  We send the loving vibrations of our hearts through our fingertips and into the mouths of others.

There are many more varieties of angels in this world, too many to count I’m sure of it!  So whatever kind of angel YOU are, just remember tis the season of Angels ~ be 100% of your truthful, loving, authentic, divine self…it will be a gift of the present this Xmas!

If you’d like to join the Garden Angels Produce Cooperative Exchange which takes place monthly, just send me an email to !

Until then, on the wings and waves of the Universe, I wish each and every one of you a very Happy Holiday!






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