Hear Ye, hear ye!  The Garden Angels of Long Beach and surrounding communities have met for their Fall Exchange of FREE local, home-grown, home-made food!  It took place Saturday and has been deemed a great success!

This group’s participants harvested beautiful fruits and vegetables from their own backyards.  “It’s not all organic, however it’s ALL edible and the quality can be compared to farmers market style produce without hesitation, in my opinion.”

Some of the treasures exchanged this month were Lemons, Limes, Lima Beans, and Avocados; but wait, that’s not all, we also had ORAGANIC Apples, two kinds of home-baked cookies and three different varities of Guava: Pink, White and enough Pineapple Guavas to save a date in the very near future for jam-making!

My djembe-drum-playin’ boyfriend, Mark Paczkowski, has already affectionately named it “Guava Lava.”  I’ll be recruiting him for an impromptu kitchen “Jam” on his drum to beat some deliscious positive peaceful vibes into the jars of sweet success being captured for the second time around.  Hence the beauty of the Exchange: What would otherwise go to waste will be reinvented into a contribution for the Angels at next month’s exchange, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 10th!

If you have chosen to read this blog post; first, I THANK YOU!  Second, I’m willing to bet that YOU are aligned with the Garden Angels.  Don’t let a little thing like “I don’t have a yard OR I don’t grow anything” hold you back from getting involved.  If you can sort, count and bag on an exchange day, you will earn a bag of your own in EXCHANGE for your time.

So if YOU feel called to exchange the fruits and veggies of your yard or are willing to volunteer your time to be a “bagger” – we’d love for you to join us next time!  Just send an email to and let us know you’d like to participate in next month’s exchange!

Until then… on the wings and waves of the Universe, I send each and every one of you peace and love.



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