Hello Garden Angels!
Our April Easter Exchange today was another wonderful success story!  I want to thank each and every one of you who participated and contributed your beautiful home-grown treasures.  And I especially want to say a special thank you to our BAGGING VOLUNTEERS!!!  We’re getting to be pretty darn good at this bagging, and were honored to distribute the absolutely beautiful produce exchanged!!


It’s so awesome to know that even in small groups we are producing and sharing an awesome abundance of neighborhood-grown food.  I am genuinely thrilled to be getting to know you very special people while at the same time networking and having fun together!!  

Here’s an example of what we exchanged this month:  Pomello Grapefruit, two kinds of lemons including Meyer Lemons (which I LOVE), Naval Oranges; incredibly beautiful Italian Parsley on massive 4-5 foot branches!  We received huge healthy heads of Butter and Green Leaf Lettuces, a wonderful offering of Red Winter Kale, along with a lot of yummy fragrant Arugula, and some sweet little Pink Cosmos Seedlings in cute little Starbucks cups!   Some avocados were thrown in at the last minute, and thus our Farmer’s Mark Style FREE Garden Goodies Bag was born!  Once again, simply DE-LISH!  It was a bountiful Easter Exchange indeed!
If you missed out on the fun this month we have another exchange coming up on May 12th, 2012!  Only one short month away 🙂  WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN US!!  
Until then…on the wings and waves of the Universe, I send you all peace, gratitude and a whole-heckuva-lotta love.

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