Spring Cleaning for a GREAT CAUSE!

We have all heard it said that God does not give us anything we cannot handle, and the most challenging circumstances are saved for the most special souls.  Well, we have an opportunity to help one of these very special souls.

Garden Angel Catherine knows a woman named Andrea whose youngest daughter has Angelman Syndrome.  Although the family is not well-off financially, Andrea manages semi-annual, multi-day garage sales (for which she solicits months in advance) to bring in thousands of dollars — all of which she gives to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.  “She never asks for special treatment for herself, just an occasional understanding that she may be a bit late to an activity because of sitter arrangements,” says Catherine.  

Angelman Syndrome manifests in varying degrees; unfortunately, Andrea’s daughters’ is most profound and she will never be able to speak or develop social skills required for independent living.   As a parent and a woman, this is made all the more difficult knowing that the cause of Angelman is an inherited disease caused by a genetic mutation on the mother’s chromosome 15.      

This post is a CALL FOR ACTION!  I would like to ask any and all of our Garden Angel members, any family and/or friends, or friends of friends to respond to the need and help a fellow human being and their very worthy cause! 

Here’s how you can help:

          START YOUR SPRING CLEANING!!  Clean out your closets, garages, kids’ rooms, old toys, VHS tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, books, etc., and donate all your unwanted items to the Andrea and her family for these goods to be donated and/or sold in support of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

Email Andrea today and she can have your items picked up ASAP by volunteers designed to keep the abundant flow of discarded and unwanted items in rotation, helping to repurpose them in bigger and better ways than one can do all on their own!

 Andrea Aki’s contact information: Andreaa30@yahoo.com   562-208-6531 (hm) 

Here’s a real need in front of us!  This is an opportunity to get rid of the old and allow for new, while supporting a worthy cause at the same time!!  It’s a win, win, win!!   YOUR Spring Cleaning can have more meaning with a bigger purpose, please help out if you can!  

Thanks so much! 

Peace & Love,


For more information about Angelman Syndrome and opportunities to get involved visit www.Angelman.org


2 responses to “Spring Cleaning for a GREAT CAUSE!

  1. Thank you, Shannon. Your dynamic post is certain to help Andrea in her drive to raise funds for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. I let Andrea know that we Garden Angels have heard her need and will be contacting her with donations. Her text response: “Awwwww, That’s Great!!”

    • You’re welcome, I am excited to be a part of it! Even though the current need is URGENT and we need donations for Andrea as soon as possible, I’ll be re-posting this periodically since this is an on-going need she faces. I intend for our Garden Angels “Andrea Team” to come up with more great ideas to help raise funds and/or drum up item donations! 🙂 We WILL make a difference!

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