Worm Tea

Saturday I attended a Backyard Composting Class!  Wow, did I learn a lot! 

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works presents beginning and advanced gardening workshops, and admission is FREE!  The beginning class covered backyard composting, worm composting, grass recycling as well as water- and fire-wise gardening. 

Backyard composting is a simple, and it just makes you feel good!  I’ve never seen so many people excited about dirt and worms!  I felt the excitement myself and yearned to feel as passionate about the subject of composting as I do about gardening and our Garden Angels Group!  Not having had a compost pile ever before, I knew it was something that was next on my list of wise and healthy gardening so I marched forth to learn my way into this special classification of earth- and garden-friendly people.  This I was prepared for and intentional about; however, what I wasn’t aware that I was ready for is worm composting!  Honestly, those little guys have always sort of freaked me out!  Therefore, I found myself fighting at first, thinking – ‘I don’t need to pay much attention to this part of it because I won’t be raising worms!’  But a quarter into the unit I was glued to every word and absolutely amazed about the things I was hearing.  I didn’t care much about getting compost from the worms, but I totally LOVED the idea of making Worm Tea!  I LOVE the idea of watering my plants, veggies, flowers, herbs and trees with Worm Tea!!  Delicious, rich, Worm Tea – who knew, huh?  It’s all for the health and well being of my garden, my harvests, and hopefully someday YOURS too because I’d love to share it with the Garden Angels at some point as well! 

Composting is smart.  It can fit individual lifestyles, income, yard size, personal intentions, and there are a variety of methods.  Get creative, look around your yard; what can you build on your own?  Who has one they don’t use and would give to you?  I’ve heard of someone who turned an old children’s turtle-shaped sand box (with a lid) into a bin!  I sort of want one of those!  J  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, most important is that it heats up properly.  Compost piles should be at least one cubic yard in size – this provides the minimal insulation required to sustain the high temperatures in the core of the pile.

The advanced workshop is coming up on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., and I will be attending for sure!  It will cover the composting as well as organic gardening techniques, the art of good soil, pest management, and water conservation.  They sell backyard and worm compost bins at subsidized prices.  I didn’t purchase last week and I’m kicking myself about the worm bin – this time I’m GETTING’ IN ON IT and taking my FIRST STEP to creating Worm Tea for the future of my garden and the Garden Angels Group!

If you’d like to attend with me, just send me an email and we’ll make arrangements to drive together or meet there at the location.  Saturday, May 21st, 2011 at Birney Elementary School, 710 W. Spring St., Long Beach, CA  90806.

To learn more about the county’s FREE Smart Gardening Workshops, visit www.smartgardening.com

Hope to see you there!

On even the slimy, swirlie, squiggly worms of the Universe; I wish you all peace & love,


P.S.  Pictures and Recipes of the latest exchange have been posted, check them out!  🙂


3 responses to “Worm Tea

  1. @shannon – I passed this on to my BF, as he has experimented with Worm Poop in the past. http://www.wormpoop.com

    I said, “You like worms.”
    He said, “Do they make that in a Keurig?”
    Keurig is the single cup coffee brewer. LOL

  2. Worm composting is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never got around to it. I think the kids would enjoy it too! Can’t wait to hear how your experience goes.

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