“Special Mom Garden Basket” drawing

It’s almost that time again; the first Saturday of the month is approaching with our 3rd exchange peeking around the corner.   Once again, I’m starting to feel the energy and excitement well up within, filling me with anticipation of all the interesting, yummy, educational and just really useful items we will see pop up as contributions from and for our group this month of May.

In addition to our May Exchange, we have Mother’s Day to look forward to on Sunday!  What a lovely time to show off what we’ve created in our gardens by cooking wonderful wholesome dishes; baking yummy goodies; picking colorful flowers to place in heirloom vases; and all to share with our friends and families. 

While I’ve been contemplating Spring, enjoying the recent sunshine, and preparing my mind for the bustle of exchange, I received a nice idea on the inhale of a Wednesday evening breeze.  The idea was about Mothers Day.  I’ve decided I’d like to give a gift of a “Garden Basket” filled with the abundant homegrown Garden Angels Co-op contributions to one very Special Mother.  It will be a gift from all of us acknowledging one mom to make her feel as special as she makes others feel.

Yes, all mothers are very special indeed; but have you ever built a care package for a friend in need and left it on their porch as a surprise for their return?  Or have you ever been the recipient of such a beautiful treat yourself?  Both are INCREDIBLY AWESOME feelings that you will remember forever. 

So, do you know that one particular awesome woman who’s a terrific mom and just deserves a break for once?  Maybe someone who’s come into harder times than the rest of us; who’s had a string of “bad luck;” who’s worked hard for everyone else while putting herself on the backburner; or who’s just a really giving, joyful happy person that enlightens the rest of us?  I want each one of you to think of this very special friend, neighbor, daughter, grandma (or even your own mother!), surround her with thoughts of love; take a moment to compose a short email explanation about why she’d be the ideal recipient, then <click send> to submit her name to GardenAngelsCooperative.com for her chance to have a “lucky day!”  

We will draw the name on Friday before the Exchange Day, Saturday May 7th.  The winner will be announced in the “Final Details” Email that will arrive to you Friday a.m.  We will put together a beautiful “Special Mom Garden Basket” for the winner during the bagging part of the Exchange on Saturday.  Whichever one of you submitted the winning Mom’s name will be responsible to pick up the “Special Mom Garden Basket” along with his or her own exchange bag and drop the basket off to the winner as a surprise gift.

So whether you’d be delivering the basket as a surprise or handing it over to the lucky winner yourself, or presenting it in another creative way, submit your “Special Mom” to GardenAngelsCooperative@yahoo.com today!

In the meantime, we tend to our compost and mulch, weed, pick, and give love to our gardens, as we prepare for what we know will be a bountiful May harvest indeed! 

I look forward to exchanging good energy and good food with you all!

On the wings and waves of the Universe, I send you all beautiful thoughts and wish you all good things always, in all ways. 



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