Garden Easter Eggs

We were 13 years old, my friend Kathy and I, when we pulled a grand idea out of the universal matrix.  Laying down on our backs, looking up to the sky, we grabbed the yummy vision like it was a free popsicle on a hot summer day.  We didn’t have computers in every house on the block much less internet to Google it, we just had to believe and have faith in our thoughts.  We bounced up and out of cloud making, found ourselves a basket and scissors each, headed down the street and around the corner to our nearby park – the one we sat for hours that summer making dandelion jewelry – and that’s when the quest for natural Easter Egg dying had begun! 

Along the way we picked one of every flower, leaf, weed, feather or other interesting item nature placed on our paths.  We scoured her backyard for berries and produce grown out of her mother’s home garden, clipping carrot tops and spinach leaves, digging for onion skins – all the while wondering if any of this was going to actually work.  Well, it did.  By strategic item placement within the squares of white t-shirt we ripped up, wrapping it all around the egg just perfectly and tying it tight with string, dropping in boiling water, cooling to perfection – being a little impatient I must admit – we unveiled beautiful creative soft-colored treasures, which carried a radiance of peace, wholeness and good energy upon their fragile shells.

Easter Eggs and nature would never be the same for me since that moment. The seeds were planted deep in my soul forever, and I still respect and love the colors the Earth provides.  There will always be a new garden- yard- or park-grown component to consider for these little oval masterpieces; another whimsical design that a leaf brings in its beauty and simplicity.  To me, it was more art than science, but it sure was equally interesting that it worked! 

Nowadays there are recipes for not only natural dying via fresh plants, trees, bushes, fruits, veggies and herbs, but canned and frozen fruits and veggies as well making it even more accessible and interesting to try new ways to color our Easter baskets or making a beautiful Earth Day table centerpiece. 

Not a year has gone by that I haven’t thought about that special year when me and my best friend dyed Eggs with natures gifts.  So many more seeds have been planted in the garden of my mind since then. I haven’t always been the best at weeding throughout the years, but my harvest has been abundant for the most part…and I know the best is yet to come.

On the wings and waves of the EARTH today and every day, I wish you all PEACE & LOVE,



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